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Name Numerology Calculator


Name Numerology Calculator

Every Alphabet in Name has a Specific Number allocated to it as per Numerology.

Below Given is Chaldean/Cheiro Number Chart  for Name Numerology Calculation 

1 - A I J Q Y, 

2 - B K R, 

3 - C G L S, 

4 - D M T, 

5 - E H N X , 

6 - U V W,

7 - O Z, 

8 - P F  

A number derived after adding the alphabets of Name is Termed as "Name Number".

Name: Robin

In the above Case Name Number is 2+7+2+1+5 = 17 

Types Of Numerology

For Name Numerology there are various types of Numerology  methods available i.e Chaldean Numerology, Western/Pythagorean Numerology, Kabbalah Numerology, Tamil Numerology. However Chaldean Numerology is considered & experienced to be most precised & practiced worldwide